House Rules


Dampsaga alle 20

2050 Jessheim



Residents, all guests and others given access to the grounds by the residents, are required to follow the house rules.

Adherence to the house rules is an essential contribution to a pleasant living environment.


All common areas such as elevators, stairwells, common parking places in the basement with storage rooms and other common areas must not unnecessarily be occupied by objects. Emergency exits must not be blocked, not even temporarily.

Waste is to be placed in the designated containers. If the containers are full, residents must store their own waste hygienically until the container is emptied. Residents are responsible for the disposal of larger items such as cardboard boxes, furniture, waste from renovatings or in-/out moves. Waste must always be sorted according to the ØRAS regulations. The removal of displaced waste, or waste not treated according to the ØRAS regulations, whether in common areas or in waste sheds, may be removed on the cost of the section owner.

Contamination of common areas is prohibited. It is not allowed to feed animals and birds in the courtyard or other outdoor areas of the condominium.

It is not allowed to place signs, vending machines, lights, satellite dishes, etc. on the property. The same applies for posters and notices. If the board gives it's consent to such an installation, it shall be performed by qualified personnel.

It is not allowed to hang up or shake rugs/fabrics above or outside handrail/railing. It is not permitted to mount objects or installations above or outside the railings/handrails. Flower boxes mounted inside the rails/handrails are permitted provided that the installation is not in violation of any other house rules or guidelines.

It is not allowed to use coal grill or equivalent on the balcony or common areas. The use of gas grill is allowed.

It is not allowed to wash motor vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles and the like in the parking basement. Fire hoses are only be used for fire fighting. Without consent of the board change to the look of the exterior building components is not allowed.

Doors in the common areas shall be kept locked all day.


Residents and those who have been granted access, are obliged to keep order in their own storage rooms. Storage rooms should be kept locked, even if they are empty.

The use of open flames in the storage rooms is prohibited. It is not permitted to store explosive liquids or substances in the storage rooms. Likewise, it is prohibited to store odorous substance or anything that may annoy other residents.


All residents are obliged to keep peace and order in his section, and to ensure that all persons that otherwise are admitted to the section or housing, do not cause discomfort or inconvenience to the other residents. The owners are at all times obliged to keep their sections in satisfactory technical condition.

At longer absences, residents are obliged to provide necessary supervision with their sections and storage rooms. Rooms with water pipelines must be sufficiently heated so that the water does not freeze.


Pets are not allowed. Dogs used due to a handicap may be exempted through a medical certificate. Application must be submitted to the board.

If dog-keeping is approved by the board, dogs should not be walked on the common areas of the condominium.


Between 23:00 and 07:00 on weekdays silence is to observed in buildings/outdoor areas. On weekends and public holidays there must be silence between 23:00 and 08:00. This means that noisy activities such as using washing machines, doing renovations, playing music etc. must not occur in this period. Are there special occasions to be celebrated to other times than the described ones, the neighbours who might be disturbed, must be notified well in advance.

Music or singing lessons are prohibited without the consent of the board. Music, whatever time of the day, should not be played disturbing the other owners.


To ensure the fire safety requirements, escape routes and the general order, it is not permitted to store items in the parking area in the basement.

Renting or subleasing parking space to people who do not reside in the condominium, is not allowed. Driving a car and riding a motorcycle on the property is not allowed. Parking is allowed only on the designated sites in the basement garage. Improperly parked vehicles may, without notice, be removed at the owner's risk and expense.


Postboxes and doorbells are to be labeled.

All markings shall be consistent and in accordance with requirements established by the board. Guidelines for the marking of doorbells and postboxes are given in a separate information sheet. If the labelling do not match the required conditions, they will be removed at the section owner's expense and risk.

Each owner is responsible for maintaining the specific part of the common area where the owner has placed plants.


Owners are on a voluntary basis encouraged to participate in joint tasks when the board convenes to such avtivities.


Informations posted, and specific instructions in flyers, spread by the board, also apply as house rules.


Residents are liable for any damage arising out of house rules violations. Owners are responsible for ensuring that the rules are complied with by the household, tenants or others who are granted access or have any other connection to the section. Even if the section owner does not live in the section, it is his/her duty to ensure that adequate supervision is given by the resident.

Violations of rules are reported to the board. The board may in writing complain to the owner, as well as discuss the matter with possible tenants. The board may then correct any loss or damage on the owner's expense. When defects or other offenses are brought forward, the message shall contain information that a repeated or continued violation will be considered a material default of the owner's condominium duties.


Board of Sagasenter

(March 2015)